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Italy  - 9 Day Excursion October 15th - 23rd

★ ★ ★ ★ 4- 5-Star Trip | 9 Days | Tourism Location Entrance Fees Covered |  English Speaking Tour Guide |  Breakfast & Lunch Included

Day one will find us in the capital city: Rome. We’ll take a tour of the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peters’ Basilica; the largest church in the world. The tour ends at St. Peter’s Square with a visit to the ancient Colosseum—minus the lions of course.

Day 5 will find us in the beautiful Florence, the so-called “cradle of the Renaissance” thanks to the help of Michelangelo. We’ll visit the Santa Maria del Fiore, more commonly referred to as the Duomo, Piazza Della Signoria, Basilica of Santa Croce, and one of the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World: the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

On day 7 we will find ourselves in the City of Love: Venice. We’ll experience a private water-taxi transfer to Piazza San Marco, to visit St Mark’s Basilica. Sightseeing that day will also include the legendary Palazzo dei Dogi, the “Bridge of Sighs”, and a meander along Venice’s canals.

We’ll be spending the final few days of our trip in the famous Milan. It may be known mostly for its fashions but we’ll be taking a tour of its equally as impressive history with a stop to visit the Cathedral Metropolitan di Santa Maria Nascente Duomo di Milano. With our expert guide, you won’t have to worry about pronouncing that ten times fast.

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