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Photo’s courtesy of Mission Community Archives and Mark Hemrich


Why should I join a Chamber Board Committee?

The Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce (MRCC) exists to foster a thriving environment for business in the region.

If you are not quite ready to be a Board Member, but want to be involved, joining a committee or task force is the perfect way to become an active piece of the chamber-machine.

The strategies and direction that the MRCC uses are often decided around the various committee tables. Join the voices of other businesses, locally, regionally, provincially and federally, and be heard.

Below are brief descriptions of the various committees and task forces that are available to join.  We'd love to hear from you and have you on the team.

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Government Affairs Committee (GAC) - monthly meetings

Established by the Board, the Government Affairs Committee's purpose is to identify, address and discuss issues of the local, provincial or federal government that have a substantial impact on our business community.

To provide advice to the Board with respect to the Committee's purpose:

Review and make recommendations to the Board on issues relating to the impact of government actions on the business community.

Use its resources to communicate with membership and media on current issues and actions and in response to member queries.

Liaise with Government representatives’ at all three levels on issues affecting our membership.

Respond to government policies which have an impact upon local business, by issuing a timely response on relevant issues to members, government and the media.

Help design and participate in the implementation of the Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce Board of Director’s Strategic Plan.

Handle the correspondence and communications from the BC and Canadian Chambers of Commerce as provided by the Manager.

Track all advocacy efforts and provide reports to members as necessary or requested.

2018 Advocacy Tracking Sheet

I am interested in being in this committee Email: