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Photo’s courtesy of Mission Community Archives and Mark Hemrich

Certificate of Origin

Important Information

The Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce is able to certify a variety of documents including the Certificate of Origins. A Certificate of Origins (COO) is an important international document that confirms goods exported have been fully produced, manufactured, processed, and/or obtained in a particular country.

Having a COO document is critical to exporting goods and doing business abroad. When countries are determining duty or the legality of exports they look to where the goods have originated from. Many countries around the world view Chamber of Commerce as credible organizations and require that they authenticate documents with their stamp or seal.

Save Time. Go Online.

Get your certificate of origin today!

In partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce is pleased to offer the services of TradeCert Canada – a simple, secure and timesaving solution to certificates of origin.

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Haven't registered yet?  Just three simple steps!

1) Download the Letter of Waiver Form 

2) Scan* your completed, notarized Letter of Waiver, accompanied by your company's business registration. <span">to  [AD2]

3) Once your documents are received, we will create your company profile and email your login details.

Important Note: If you are the manufacturer of the goods you intend to export, please send us a notarized Manufacturer's Declaration [AD3] (for Word document template), as the Chamber requires proof of origin for all goods listed on a Certificate of Origin.

For a complete list of accepted proof of origin, please click here

*Please note that the original notarized letter of waiver and manufacturer’s declaration (when applicable) will subsequently have to be mailed to:

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

1700 – 275 Slater Street

Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H9

Attn: Document Certification Services

[AD1]PDF of Letter of waiver will be provided

[AD2]This could also be your email address, you would then forward requests yourselves to

[AD3]We will provide a document that can be linked here.

[AD4]We will provide a document that can be linked here.


  • Electronic signatures/stamps:
  • Members: $28 plus tax
  • Non-members: $38 plus tax
  • Manual signatures and stamps:
  • Members: $40 plus tax
  • Non-members: $50 plus tax
  • Courier fee: $30 tax incl.

TradeCert Canada Benefits

  • TraderCert Canada’s interface is easy to navigate
  • Reduced travel time and courier costs- no need to travel to your local chamber
  • Just need a printer and a WIFI connection. That’s it!
  • Client address book and copy features for repetitive applications
  • Multiple documents upload available. Supporting documents can be uploaded and certified
  • Security – verification website for foreign authorities