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Chamber Champions

Introducing Chamber Champions, a dynamic program where annual sponsors join forces with the Chamber of Commerce to ignite growth and prosperity in the community. Through strategic partnerships and unwavering commitment, Chamber Champions play a vital role in fueling the Chamber's activities and programs, driving economic development, and fostering a vibrant business environment.

Each year, Chamber Champions harness their expertise and resources to support a diverse range of initiatives, from networking events and educational workshops to advocacy campaigns and community outreach efforts. Their dedication goes beyond mere sponsorship; it's a collaborative endeavor aimed at empowering businesses, nurturing innovation, and building lasting connections.

As trusted allies of the Chamber, these Champions embody the spirit of leadership and corporate citizenship, setting the standard for excellence in business engagement and community stewardship. Together, they exemplify the power of partnership and the collective impact of businesses working hand in hand with the Chamber to shape a brighter future for all.

2024 Chamber Champions

Community Futures North Fraser helps small businesses and entrepreneurs in our community. Whether you are thinking
about starting a business, buying a business, expanding, or trying to manage change
to your business, CF North Fraser can assist.

myCommunityFutures is an online platform to access services from Community Futures BC. It provides access to Workshops, Peer Masterminds, and Consulting services. For a limited time, eligible account holders can also apply for a $5,000 Business Training Reimbursement. Clients in 22 BC regions are eligible to receive 1+ free services, with priority assigned to disaster-impacted businesses.

Myriad is an independently held full service technology, sales, and creative design company headquartered in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. We are a small team that works together collectively, harnessing the energy of designers, programmers, technologists, and thinkers to bring innovative solutions to your organization.