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Last year Halloween was more or less canceled which means that this year the hype for it is going to be over the top! Whether you have kids to take trick or treating or just want to have a candy-filled party with you and some friends, Halloween can be a great bit of fun. But what if you’re a business? You might be thinking that there’s nothing to gain for you this week but that’s just not true. That’s why we’re here; we want to give you a few tips and tricks you can try out to get some extra traction from this spooky time of year. These aren't going to be universal of course but they’ll give you a good jumping-off point. Let’s get started!



1. Pick something from your business to celebrate. 

So, how do you go about doing that? What does that mean? Maybe you’re a restaurant; market one of your specials for Halloween. Maybe your business is centered around fashion; put together a special fall wardrobe to pique the interest of potential shoppers. Maybe you offer individual consultations in your business. There’s no better time to celebrate your employees. Halloween may seem like a silly holiday but it provides an easy way for you and your business to stand out; make a bold statement. It’s also fun to highlight something to show off to visitors who may not have been in to see you in person in a while. The more fun you have with this, the more people will have in seeing it. 



2. Post a Halloween meme to your social media. 

Alright, so this might seem silly but it provides an eye-catching image that will draw people in to give your business a second look. Not only that but it’s likely that folks will share it with their friends. The more people share it, the more traction your social media will get. They’ll be curious about your social media and take a look at what you feature the rest of the year. 



3. Host a staff pumpkin decorating contest and encourage people to vote for the best one on social media.

This one might be just as fun for visitors as it is for your staff if they’re feeling even a little bit crafty. Today is Monday the 25th which gives you 6 days to carve pumpkins with your staff and show them off on social media. Get your employees excited about sharing the post as well by offering a small prize for whoever carves the best squash! We can guarantee that they’ll be into it. 



4. Send out a Halloween email coupon good for one day only.

Last but not least, we recommend advertising a Halloween coupon. This year, it falls on a Sunday which means not all businesses are going to be open. That’s alright, just make it good for Friday or Saturday. So long as you use the spooky season as an extra boost to advertising, people will want to use it! Maybe it’s 13% off one item in the store. Maybe it’s a good deal on anything orange. You’re all very clever, we’re sure you can come up with something. 



With those 4 ideas in mind, we now want to call you to action. If you're a business owner, try out one of these tips and tag us in your social media posts. We'll share it to our story for an extra social media boost! For non-business owners, take a picture of a business trying out some spooky marketing strategies. We'll share your post to our story too! We want to connect with you on social media—even if it’s just for spooky season!