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We Are #BetterTogether


Welcome to the inaugural blog post of the Mission Chamber of Commerce! We are so, so, happy you’re here! Here you’ll find all kinds of activities, suggestions, recommendations, and other easy ways you can help be a part of rebuilding the community. The pandemic is hitting everyone a little differently but I think we can all agree that no one is coming out of that particular fire unscathed. So, that’s where we come in. The desire to do good—to bring some hope into this world—is within all of us but sometimes we just don’t know where to start. That’s why it’s important to focus on what we can do; not what we can’t. With your help we can build a stronger community so that we can start looking ahead to the future rather than behind. 



One huge way you can help out your friends and neighbors is to buy BC; to shop local. We are blessed in the Fraser Valley to have access to farm fresh fruits and vegetables, skilled craftsmen, creative makers, and experts of all kinds that are so excited to show off what they can do. You can show your love for the town of Mission when you buy locally. 



As we enter into the summer months, and the desire to get outside and breathe some fresh air hits us, the opportunities only grow. You can get out for a walk and go to your local grocer to pick up seasonal produce and try out a new recipe. Hit up the outdoor shops for biking equipment. There are so many trails to choose from that will let you and your friends spend some time together while also getting some much needed sunshine. If your wardrobe has become less than inspiring as of late, pop down to the shops and stimulate your senses with some fresh patterns.



Do you need some more ideas? You’ve probably heard a thousand times over that leaving a Google review is how you can show some affection to your favourite local hot spots. But why does it matter?  Every time someone visits a Mission business, they have to Google the place. What we want to happen is that shining 5 star reviews are the first things they see. This may seem small but the more that people do it, the better the restaurant will look in the eyes of visitors. Want to take it one step further? Take a little time to write out how great your experience was. You don’t have to be some top-notch writer; even an “excellent service” or “fantastic food” will do the job. 


You can’t deny the influence of social media these days. Time out. We’re not saying that you should go out and sign up for every platform available or even than you have to be on social media more than you are now. What can really help restaurants is tagging them, mentioning them, or using their hashtag on your posts. Now that we can start going out to lunch with friends again—and how lovely that is—we might be inclined to take a photo or two. Do you have a favourite place to go? Share it with your friends on your Instagram story. Tell your Facebook followers that you just got the cutest summer dress just down the road. Brag on Twitter about how fast you were able to bike the trails. Anything will help. Anything can make you a part of helping Mission recover. 



We all felt the long loneliness of quarantine. These last 15 months have felt like years with no light at the end of the tunnel. We were separated from our neighbours, our families, and our closest friends. That is why it is so important now, as we head forward into this brighter future, that we work to rebuild and re-energize our community. This blog will serve to give you inspiration of how you can help as well as highlight places you can go to give you a chance to reconnect with your community. 

This week's challenge is to connect with a friend. Send them the link to the blog so they can keep an eye out for future posts. Ask them how their day is going. Start scheduling a time to go on a lunch date. Something to make them feel seen and thought of. We could all use a check-in.