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Educational Leader : Nominated by the Board of Directors of the University of the Fraser Valley. This award will be given to a business or leader who exemplifies educational leadership, encouraging employees to participate in on-going lifetime learning.

Big Bang : An established business that continues to have a strong presence by developing or creating new business programs, platforms and opportunities while continuing to be a contributor to the local community.

Power of Small : An emerging or existing innovative small business that has been operating for a minimum of two years and exemplifies entrepreneurial spirit and vision with new products, services or process.

Local Focus : A business with significant local focus in their enterprise; be it through manufacturing product locally, or retailing/utilizing products and/or services produced locally and community involvement.

Customer First : A business that demonstrates special consideration for their customers, ongoing employee training and a high level of understanding and commitment to service excellence. The hallmark of this award is to be friendly, honest, innovative, approachable customer service on a consistent basis.

Community Builder : A nonprofit, club or organization that is active in the local community by making a positive difference, involving active collaboration and engagement with others beyond who they serve.

Marketing & Communication : A business or organization that is innovative in their approach to marketing and promoting their product or service effectively utilizing media and communications on all levels to grow and enhance their business.
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