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Photo’s courtesy of Mission Community Archives and Mark Hemrich

Stephen Evans, Mission Community Skills Centre Society Member Testimonial

“As a long-time member of the Mission Chamber of Commerce, the Mission Community Skills Centre Society has always viewed our participation within the Chamber as a way to connect with local businesses and the broader community.  From fantastic networking sessions to online learning opportunities, we see the value of membership within the Chamber of Commerce nearly every day.


However, I would like to highlight something of great importance to our organization that we kind of took for granted.  Not only are we members of the Chamber of Commerce but our employment benefits program is delivered through the local Chamber of Commerce program.   Be it prescription drugs, extended health or life insurance, having access to the Mission Chamber of Commerce Group Benefits Program has made medical needs so easy for our small organization to administer.  We were never really considered a valued customer at other extended health service providers as we were small as we have limited number of employees.  This came particularly true when we lost an employee and had to reach out to our local contacts for help.


The Chamber of Commerce Medical Plan people were so helpful and they walked our people through the paperwork.  It was so easy and kind and helpful.  This is how the Chamber of Commerce medical plan works!  And this is how working with the Mission Chamber of Commerce works for all the services and supports they provide to its members.  I am proud to be a member of the Mission Chamber of Commerce – why?  Because they are kind, easy to deal with and very helpful!"