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Photo’s courtesy of Mission Community Archives and Mark Hemrich

Business Walk 2020 - Mayor and Council ANSWER the QUESTIONS from Mission Chamber Members

One of the strengths of the Chamber Network is our ability to bring the top-of-mind issues from businesses to the attention of all levels of government. We advocate on behalf of all businesses and organizations.

Business Walk is a business retention and expansion program designed to connect and identify with businesses in the community. This annual survey identifies what is on the minds of Mission businesses.  Traditionally these efforts are done through focus groups and in-person visits.

In 2020 the Chamber created a survey in lieu of business visits. One of the questions read "What is one question you would like to ask the Mayor and Council".

The responses can be found below.  Starting June 29th - August 4th a campaign will run with new responses to questions being posted.  As of August 4th, all questions will have the answer posted in this forum.

NOTE: The top 7 questions were submitted to Council in the format they were received through the survey. A few questions were very similar so they were combined for this purpose.

District of Mission Responses to Business Walk Survey 2020